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Guaranteed Livable Income

Since 1972 The United Church of Canada has been advocating for a guaranteed livable income for all Canadians. Recently, our Region of the Church, which is called Fundy St. Lawrence Dawning Waters, created a short video to highlight the work currently going on.

You can watch that here. If you want to learn more about the Church's position on this important matter go to the website.

From The United Church of Canada

Dear Guaranteed Livable Income Supporters,

As the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty approaches (October 17), we wanted to reach out and share with you some updates and encourage your participation.

Currently, we are seeing a growing number of municipalities (Moncton, St. John's ...) signing resolutions in support of a Guaranteed Livable Income (GLI) with active United Church involvement in some campaigns. Is your city/town considering this? Is there a local effort to connect with?

A bill, S-233, to develop a national framework for a Guaranteed Livable Basic Income is currently in Second Reading in the Senate and has also been introduced into the House of Parliament, C-223. To learn more and show your support, you can go to UBI website.

This coming Sunday, the eve of the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty is an excellent opportunity to draw attention to the call for a Guaranteed Livable Income (GLI). Worship resources are available on our worship page. As well, Ellie and Clarke Topp of Bells Corners United Church drafted a "Minute for Social Action" on the GLI for their service on Sunday and offer it for your use too. If you would like to receive a copy via email, please email me (

Let's keep working towards a Guaranteed Livable Income. If you wish to become more active, please reach out and we can connect you with a GLI network member and let you know about national monthly meetings. Also good to connect with local/provincial network of Basic Income Canada.


Lori Neale, for the GLI Network

Op-ed: A basic income is the answer to poverty

Excerpt from a Vancouver Sun article

"On Wednesday, September 14th, hundreds of representatives of B.C.'s local governments heard impassioned arguments for and against the long-debated concept of basic income, and narrowly voted to ask Ottawa to pursue such a program.

Delegates at the Union of B.C. Municipalities' annual convention in Whistler endorsed a resolution calling on the federal government to implement a guaranteed, livable basic income, "ensuring everyone has sufficient income to meet their needs, which would go a long way toward eradicating poverty and homelessness, alleviating the pressure on municipalities to use their limited resources to fill gaps in our failing social safe net."

Victoria Coun. Jeremy Loveday introduced the resolution, saying basic income can be cost-effective, and "a potential solution to the crushing poverty we see in all of our communities.""

For the full article, please click here

Most Canadians support Basic Income, but don't want to pay more taxes to fund it.

I want to let you know that we can pay for it without taxing the vast majority of Canadians, while promoting productive investment and economic growth in Canada.

This plan would have little to no impact on most Canadians and would lift 1.6 million families out of poverty, make life more affordable for 7.4 million people including workers, and build a floor to help all Canadians in times of transition - all while growing Canada's economy.

A new report by UBI Works shows how to pay for a Basic Income without costing most Canadians, with contributions from the financial sector ($15B), fewer tax breaks for large companies ($19B), and fewer subsidies used by the wealthiest ($18B).

You can read their report here. Le rapport et aussi disponible en Français

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