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Ministry & Personnel

M&P carries out 3 distinct roles: consultative and supportive, healthy relationships, and supervisory. Keeping the pulse of the staff + faith community is what the Ministry and Personnel Committee is all about! M&P manages employment relationships with staff. Guided by the "M&P Trinity of Trust, Honesty, and Confidentiality", M&P is a conduit for communication and plays an important role in having a successful ministry. Members of M&P are involved in and learn about the "inner workings" of Wilmot.

Meetings: monthly or as needed.

Responsibilities include: Lay staff search process, Job Descriptions, Staff Annual Reviews, Adherence to NB & Federal Employee Regulations & Standards, budget recommendations, liaise with NUC payroll, Celebrate & Care for staff.

Current members: Judy Coates (Chair); Terri Maclean, Ruth Breen, Gordon Cameron, Kenda Gorey, Kirby Keyser & Graham Allen (ex-official managing M&P financial matters).

Contact: Judy Coates, 454-5631.