If you have automatic debits from your bank account to pay for insurance, cable TV, taxes, fuel, or a mortgage, then you understand the PAR principle. It means regular contributions throughout the year that make it easy to donate to the United Church.

PAR, or Pre-Authorized Remittance, is a direct debit program that allows people to support their church through an automatic monthly withdrawal from their bank account. The United Church administers the program following the giver's wishes (e.g., X amount for local church expenses and X amount for the Mission and Service Fund). Once a month, all PAR givings are debited from givers’ accounts and then the total, less a service fee, is electronically transferred to local church accounts.

PAR was introduced in 1976 as a convenient way for members and adherents to provide consistent, year-round financial support for their local church. It's now growing at a rate of about 15 percent every year. Increasing numbers of people find that monthly direct debiting allows them to more intentionally plan and honour their financial commitments to their local church.

For more information about PAR, here is a link to the United Church web site About PAR.

To become a donor to Wilmot United Church using PAR for Pre-Authorized Remittances, please get in touch with the church office. Phone numbers and e-mail addresses can be found HERE).

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