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About Us


Welcome to the new Wilmot United Church website. We are excited about our new online model and hope this site will provide you new faith opportunities to explore in your journey. 


Wilmot is a deeply spiritual and caring community of faith grounded in the United Church's call to live with Deep Spirituality, Bold Discipleship, and Daring Justice


We hope this new website will provide some tools that will grow hope and new possibilities in your faith quest. 

What We Believe

Our Mission Statement

We are a worshipping community open to all who are seeking further maturity in our Christian faith.

We are called by God through Christ:

to love God and proclaim both Jesus and his Gospel within and beyond our congregation,

to nurture spiritual growth and understanding,

to offer care and opportunities for friendship within and beyond our congregation,

to enable participation in Christ's ministry of justice and sacrifice in the Church and in the world,

to exercise responsible stewardship of all gifts and resources.

We seek to respond creatively to the prompting of God's Spirit as we strive to fulfill this mission.


Vision Statement

Wilmot United Church is an open and welcoming presence in downtown Fredericton, putting our Christian faith into action to be a light in God's world. We welcome all into the life and ministry of our faith community, including persons of any age, ability, race, ethnicity, place of origin, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, family configuration, and social and economic circumstance.

An Affirming Church

The Affirming Ministries Program is a network of ministries that strive to be fully inclusive of people of all sexual orientations and gender identities.

Before becoming formally Affirming, ministries study and reflect on gender identities and expressions and sexual orientations; make a statement of welcome; make changes to key policies and their building as necessary; and commit themselves to work for justice and inclusion within their community of faith, the wider church, and their community.

More information on the program can be found here.


Frequently Asked Questions


Sunday Services

Where do I park?

Wilmot United Church is located in downtown Fredericton. This means that downtown parking considerations need to be acknowledged. There are a few parking spots on church property including several handicapped parking spaces. There is a pay-to-park parkade nearby, bus stops directly across the street, and plenty of on-street parking on evenings and weekends.

Those who regularly come to the church outside of Sunday services can purchase a sticker for their vehicle that allows for parking in Wilmot's parking lot. The stickers cost $10 and last for five years. You can pick them up at the office during office hours (Tuesday to Thursday, 9:00 am to 5:00 pm).

is the building accessible?

Wheelchair access to Wilmot United Church is provided at the Carleton Street entrance, off the main parking lot. In 1997, a lift was installed in the Dr. George M. Young Memorial Hall to provide wheelchair access to the second floor of the hall and to the sanctuary level of the Church. The lift is designed to carry two persons and a wheelchair.


In the parking area adjacent to the Dr. G M Young Memorial Hall, one permanent handicapped parking space is designated, and up to three more can be marked for Sundays and other dates as required.


While preparing a shaft for the elevator, there were extensive renovations of the main men's and women's washrooms in the hall, providing new entrances, some new fixtures, and making the washrooms accessible.


Two wheelchairs were donated for use at the church, and a pew was removed toward the front of the King Street side of the sanctuary to provide space for a person using a wheelchair and for others accompanying that person.

What can i expect at services?

Services at Wilmot are come as you are. Everyone is welcome including persons of any age, ability, race, ethnicity, place of origin, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, family configuration and social and economic circumstance. The building is accessible, and the church is affirming.


Typically, services involve live music, congregational singing, scripture reading and a sermon. There is also a congregational prayer and the opportunity to present an offering. The congregation sits in pews and is invited to stand as they are able. No kneeling is required. At Wilmot we typically stay to enjoy the postlude. Services usually last about an hour.  After services, congregational members gather in the gymnasium to share coffee and conversation. Nursery care and childcare (referred to as Godly Play) are available for children and infants. Communion happens several times throughout the year as part of service.


Services take place in-person at 473 King Street, Fredericton, NB or online here.

You can watch previous services to get an idea of our tone and energy here.

More information on Nursery Care and Godly Play can be found here.

How many people attend?

Of course, attendance fluctuates depending on the liturgical season, but Wilmot has roughly 70 families in regular attendance with 70 more people watching the livestream. Service recordings remain on YouTube where people view services after their initial Sunday recording.

What is a "standard" offering?

There is no standard offering. What a person can give, is what a person can give, whether that's their time, skills, or monetary contributions. Offerings are kept anonymous during service. If you would like to receive numbered offering envelopes so you can leave anonymous offerings but still be given tax receipts come tax season, please contact the office.

Who can participate in communion?

At Wilmot United Church, anyone who wishes to participate in communion is welcome to do so. There are no baptismal or other requirements. There are gluten-free alternatives available as well as water for those who cannot have grape juice.


Are there community groups?

Wilmot United Church hosts many different community groups, some religious, some related to topics and interests outside of the church. For a full list, visit the Our Ministry page.

Are volunteers needed?

Volunteers are always welcome and appreciated! During Sunday services, we regularly need help with scripture reading, ushering, and livestreaming/sound recording; volunteers can sign up using SignUp Genius. If you're looking to volunteer with other parts of Wilmot's community like Wednesdays at Wilmot or special events like our Book Sales, please email the church.


What work do you do in Fredericton?

Wilmot is actively involved in the Fredericton community in several ways. We host concerts, sales, and special meals like our Shrove Tuesday pancake breakfast. We also perform a number of outreach activities in Fredericton. For a full list, see our ministries page.


Are there children's or youth groups?

Yes. Wilmot United Church collaborates with St. Paul's United Church to host the Downtown United Youth Group for ages 10-18; the group meets weekly from September to June each year. If you want to be informed of meeting locations, please reach out to the office or our Child and Youth coordinator Amy to get your email address on the notification list.

Do you have any social media pages?

Wilmot United Church has a Facebook page and a YouTube page.

Do you have weekly announcements?

Wilmot sends out two weekly announcements via email. The first goes out on Wednesdays and details church and community events/news. The second goes out on Saturdays and shares information about our upcoming Sunday service. You can sign up for these announcements here. You can read older issues here.

Can spaces in the building be rented?

Given the downtown location, Wilmot is an ideal spot for events and other activities. We have several spaces available for rent including a sanctuary with fantastic acoustics, a gymnasium, an industrial-sized kitchen with three stoves and a large machine dishwasher, as well as several meeting rooms. More information on rentals can be found on our rentals page.

Spiritual Questions
Can I be baptized or confirmed?

Baptism for all ages can be arranged. If you are thirteen years or older and interested in becoming a member of the United Church of Canada, you can be confirmed at Wilmot United Church. Please contact Rev. Mary for more information.


Can I get married in the sanctuary?

Wilmot United Church provides marriage services. You can read more on our marriage page or reach out to the office to begin discussing bookings or tours of the space.

Can I speak with the minister?

Yes. Rev. Mary Tingley is available for private conversations. You can set up an appointment directly with her.


What titles/terms should I use?

At Wilmot United Church, we have a Reverend. You may refer to her as Reverend or Reverend Mary.

Can I have prayers for myself or someone I know?

Wilmot United Church has a Prayer Circle which holds those who are experiencing difficult times in their prayers. To make a request, please contact Guy Vezina. Confidentiality is honoured.

Church Organization
What denomination is Wilmot United Church?

Wilmot is part of the United Church of Canada. This denomination came about after the Methodist Church of Canada and a percentage of Presbyterian Churches in Canada joined together, hence the name: United. Since the formation of the United church Wesleyan Methodist Churches, Brethren Churches, and various individual congregations, have joined the United Church.

How is the church governed?

Wilmot is governed by a church council. The council meets four times each year, but members are available and accessible to the congregation and community throughout the year.


How many sacraments do you have?

Sacraments are largely understood as rites of importance within the Christian faith. Different denominations participate and celebrate different sacraments. At Wilmot, baptism and communion are sacraments we have.

Are donations accepted?

Donations are always welcome. You can find out about our different payment options on our Give page. If you have a particular purpose for the donation, be sure to specify that at the time of donation.

What to Expect

Our History


In a walkabout of downtown Fredericton, the Capital city of the Province of New Brunswick, you will discover the historic landmark on the corner of Carleton and King Streets known as Wilmot United Church.

Wilmot United Church is the last of the large frame churches that dominated the city skyline throughout the 19th century. The church building is included as one of Canada's Historic Places: A Federal, Provincial and Territorial Collaboration. To discover our place in this listing, please use this direct link.

The present Wilmot United Church is a congregation of The United Church of Canada. It was constructed as a Methodist Church in 1852, following the fire of 1850 which destroyed the previous building on this site, along with many other buildings between Carleton Street and the Provincial Legislature building which is located several blocks to the east.

The History page of records the following information:

"The Great Fire of 1850 - 2000 people left homeless, over 300 buildings burned, including 156 homes, 18 acres and four city blocks were destroyed. The total loss from this fire was estimated at a staggering 100,000 pounds."

For more about the fire of 1850 and specifically the plight of the families and congregation of the Fredericton Methodist Church, as it was then known, and the construction of the church that now stands on the corner of King and Carleton Streets, click here.


Within the pages of this web site you will discover much more information about this traditional church building and congregation that finds its home in downtown Fredericton in the midst of daily commerce and business. You will also discover some information about the congregation as it exists today, as well as some important aspects of our beliefs.


The Story of Wilmot United Church 1791 - 2002 Fredericton, New Brunswick by Anita J. Jones was published by the church in 2002. It is the latest in a series of historic sketches of the church's life, work and witness.

Our History

In 1791, Duncan Blair, a Scottish soldier stationed in Fredericton, started a Methodist Society with 12 people. Their first meeting house was constructed on King Street, near Westmorland, adjacent to where the Hertz building now stands. It was quickly outgrown, and a second church was constructed on the current site.

At the time of the union of the Methodist, Congregationalist and most Presbyterian churches in 1925, the building was named in memory of Lemuel Allan Wilmot, the leading layman of the congregation during the Victorian era.


Lemuel Wilmot was a lawyer elected to the New Brunswick Legislature in 1834 as a leader in the fight to dislodge the Family Compact and as a chief architect of responsible government. He became Attorney General, a Justice of the Supreme Court, and finally the first native-born Lieutenant Governor of New Brunswick.

In the church, Wilmot was a class leader, a trustee, the superintendent of the Sunday School, a choir leader, and a member of a national committee which developed the first Canadian Methodist hymn book.

  • In 1991, Wilmot United Church celebrated its 200th anniversary. A quilt commemorating the occasion was made of squares 1) crafted by member families; 2) commemorating historical events; and 3) given by public figures. It hangs in the parlour.

  • Today, this dynamic congregation gives contemporary vitality to a great history of worship and service in Fredericton's downtown core.

  • The church opens its doors to many people who need assistance and works closely with the Emergency Shelter and the Community Kitchen to provide help and support.

  • The congregation is active in refugee settlement and advocacy.

Useful Links

The United Church Crest


Please click here for information on the United Church Crest.

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