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wilmot united church

Radical Hospitality

The Radical Hospitality Committee members reach out to the congregation to make everyone feel welcome, hosting and helping with events that strive for inclusion and an opportunity to meet.

We assist in our intentional welcome of the LGBTQI2S+ community and seek paths of exploring other areas where the congregation wishes to strengthen its welcome.

Members are always open to be approached for any questions or ideas anyone has to offer.

rainbow brunch

A gathering of Wilmot LGBTQI2S+ members and allies. We come together to share a potluck meal and conversation. We encourage members of other congregations to join us.

Progressive Dinner

Part of the Christmas season at Wilmot. Adults are invited to a planned potluck dinner with various courses held in different venues. After we enjoy delicious appetizers, main courses and desserts, the evening ends with a carol sing.

guess what's coming for dinner

Held on World Food Sunday, the whole church family and friends are invited to an unplanned potluck supper in the gym. What we have to eat depends solely on what people bring. It's possible we'll have only desserts!

To learn more or get involved, please contact the church office at

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